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Contact us using the form below to tell us what you want and we'll give you back a couple of fair ball-park prices, based on your IT project description and our experience with similar projects.

Each quote will have approximate duration and scope of the software project, plus any suggestions we may have on how to improve your software and process specifications.

You reach out to us

  • Tell us your idea;
  • Let us know if you have any situational limitations regarding the project timelines, budget, or the required technology;
  • You can show us any brand assets or wireframes at this stage. If you do not have any, we will help you create them!

We get back to you as soon as possible

  • We will outline our proposed solution;
  • We will give you an expected timeline and a rough price estimate;
  • For some projects, we might need to ask some further clarifying questions to make sure we understand the scope and expected deliverables.

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All of our projects come with a certified one-year warranty for any bug fixes. Finally, we will always answer transparently.
We will always respect you as a customer and not waste your time if we cannot create a solution for your idea.
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